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Welcome LeAnne Prenovost, Phi Pi President

At the National Office of Sigma in Indianapolis, Indiana, Linda Hunt, passes the Phi Pi President's Guerdon to LeAnne Prenovost.

Hello Esteemed Phi Pi Members,

I would like to introduce myself to you as your new President of Phi Pi. I have been actively involved in Sigma since my induction in 2007. I have been a member of Phi Pi for the last four years serving as Counselor, Interim Secretary, Leadership Succession Committee, Governance Committee, and as Interim Vice President. Since I had such a breadth of experience in many of the roles within Phi Pi, I felt that the logical progression for me would to be in a higher position with Phi Pi; therefore I ran for and was elected as Vice-President/President Elect to fill the vacated position on the Executive Board.  With the end of Linda Hunt's term as President on October 30th I succeed to the President position immediately. I am SO excited. Phi Pi is the largest Sigma Chapter in the world and I realize this is an awesome responsibility that I have undertaken, but I am thrilled for the opportunity. I will be working on a strategic plan with the Executive Board and will focus on our new members, retention of current members, service and membership engagement.

In my ‘day job’, I am an Assistant Professor of Nursing on the Phoenix Campus, teaching Maternity Nursing and Leadership in Nursing. I have recently completed my DNP and am very devoted to education and lifelong learning. I have four grown children spread across North America and my husband and I are currently raising our seven year old granddaughter.

Thank you for allowing me to serve and please reach out to me anytime. We need manpower to move our chapter to the next level and I’m looking for a few good nurses to fill those positions. I look forward to hearing from you!

LeAnne Prenovost DNP, MBA, RN, CNE



Welcome Brelinda Kern, Phi Pi's Executive Director