Chaka Brittain


Chaka Brittain Receives Dr. Ellen Poole Education Award.

Dear Colleagues,

 Please join me in congratulating Chaka Brittain for receiving the Dr. Ellen Poole Education Award.  Chaka is a beloved member of Chamberlain College of Nursing.  Congratulations Chaka!


Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
President, Phi Pi Chapter

Helena Nadder


Helena Nadder Recipient of Dr. Ellen Poole Education Award

Dear Colleagues,


It is with great pleasure that I announce Helena Nadder as a recipient of the Dr. Ellen Poole education award.  Helena is a beloved member of Chamberlain College of Nursing.  Please help me in Congratulating Helena Nadder!



Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
President, Phi Pi Chapter

Phi Pi Chapter ‘s first education award: Dr. Ellen Poole

It is my pleasure to introduce the Phi Pi Chapter ‘s first education award. This award, the Dr. Ellen Poole Education Award, is being named after our Charter President.  Dr. Ellen Poole, pictured here, is a Professor on the Chamberlain College of Nursing’s, Phoenix Campus.  She has been an inspiration to our chapter, and we are honored to name our first award after her.  Details on this award will be available soon.

Dr. Taryn Hill,

Phi Pi Chapter President

Sigma Theta Tau International


Dr. Ellen Poole


42nd Biennial Convention Report

42nd Biennial Convention Report

Dear Phi Pi Members:

It was a pleasure to attend the 42nd Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Convention and Business Meeting. The following is a short synopsis of sessions attended, followed by the Biennial Business meeting with the House of Delegates and Installation of New Officers.

Dr. Taryn Hill, our new chapter president and myself (Dr. Ellen Poole, past president) served as the 2 delegates for our chapter.  I was able to mentor Dr. Hill to the process, and Dr. Linda Hunt, the Vice President/President Elect replaces me after the conference. Bylaws require 2 representatives per chapter for both conference and electronic delegates for business throughout the biennium.

The conference itself lasts for several days with multiple sessions to accommodate numbers and interests. Prior to the start of sessions, there were multiple tours available the most exciting and memorable is a visit to the STTI headquarters. Award dinners and exhibit halls for vendors and researchers help to round out the entire event.

Sessions attended were:


The beginning plenary session of Global Imperative of Palliative Care presented by Dr. Betty Ferrell. This was followed by symposium looking at the collaborative partnerships for Advancing Nurse Practice and Patient Outcomes through EBP Fellowships. Topics were on building academic-clinical partnerships for evidence implementation; collaborating to build Curriculum for EBP Fellowships; Challenges and Facilitators for Implementing Practice Change through Evidence Implementation Fellowships.

The afternoon included the Regional meetings, which was well attended. We are part of Region 5, Connie Scott is the Region 5 Coordinator. This is an opportunity for the chapters to share what they are doing. Dr. Hill represented our chapter.


The day opened with a Plenary session with Tilda Shalof presenting on Open My heart: Sharing Our Nursing Stories. While this session did not offer continuing education credit, the speaker brought many poignant stories from the bedside. More importantly she remains passionate about nursing.

Chamberlain College of Nursing sponsored a special session on Nurse Educator’s Role in Transforming Education Systems for the Future. Drs. Diane Billings and Judy Halstead both spoke. This served as an introduction to the partnership Chamberlain has with STTI and future initiatives. 

I (EP) was able to participate as part of a panel which spoke on Chapter Leadership, particularly the six-phased approach to starting a new chapter.  As we are still ‘new’, this was part of the committee which reviews new chapter applications; we shared lessons learned.

I attended the transcultural research in nursing education sessions in the afternoon.

The evening was topped off by the Founders Award Celebration.


Sessions attended emphasized innovative teaching technologies. It was also a day of seeing friends and colleagues present. Dr. Cheryl Wagner, a former colleague presented on Working Simulation into the Online Nursing Educational Environment: Setting up a Nursing Practicum Experience. Following this were several sessions by Chamberlain College of Nursing Colleagues, starting with our chapter president, Dr. Taryn Hill. Dr. Hill, Dr. Kathleen Tucker, and Dr. Dee McGonigle presented on Innovative technology in the Academic Setting. Dr. Toni Hebda, part of the research team was unable to attend.

This was the end of conference presentations and exhibits.

House of Delegates Sessions:

The House of Delegates met Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday a.m. The opening of the session starts with the presentation of the flags of the nations represented by our society. It is impressive. Countries enter by the order in which they entered the society. We as delegates are seated according to our chapter number, as number 494, we are the back row. Fortunately there are big monitors to see action in the front of the room.

The first day introduces us to the current leadership, informs of how to vote electronically, provides an annual report and covers the items to be voted on (these had been sent to the delegates prior to the meeting). At the end of the day, delegates submit their ballots for new officers. Throughout the conference there opportunities to meet candidates in addition to the information provided in the Delegate Information Newsletter sent prior to the conference.

Day two is election results; voting on items before the assembly, and ending with the new President presenting her initiatives.

There were 3 bylaw changes which essentially clarified language and apply at the international, not chapter level. All were passed.

The new president of STTI: Dr. Hestor Klopper is unique to our society in that she is the first society president to not be from the North American Continent, she is from South Africa. After a brief video, Dr. Klopper presented her call to action for 2013-2015. The call is to “Serve Locally, Transform Regionally, Lead Globally”.

Her inspiring speech asks us to serve locally from a sense of connectedness, belonging to something bigger than oneself. Through she invited chapters to provide relevant programmes cultivating collaboration. Encouraging us to use the various media available and to build out networking.

Transform regionally is about organizations being transformed in the face of economic globalization and rapid technological change. Chapters are encouraged to work across regions in this active engagement.

Last, is Lead globally through servant leadership. The giving of self to the profession to add to the global dialogue through various international programs available.

Please visit the STTI website to see President Klopper’s Address:

Respectfully submitted

Ellen L. Poole, PhD, RN, CPAN,CNE

Past President, Phi Pi Chapter










STTI selected the Phi Pi Chapter Website as the January 2014 Chapter Website of the Month! Nominations are accepted at 


Dr. Ellen Poole Accepts Past President Award

 Dr. Ellen Poole addresses the Columbus Phi Pi Chapter upon receiving the Past President's Award from Dr. Taryn Hill for her service as both the Chamberlain College of Nursing Honor Society president and the Charter President to the Phi Pi Chapter. Dr. Poole said, "It was truly my honor and my privilege to serve."

Dr. Hill Presents Past President’s Award to Dr. Ellen Poole


The Phi Pi Presidential "Gavel" is Passed!

Past President, Dr. Ellen Poole (right holding "gavel") passes the "Gavel" to incoming President, Dr. Taryn Hill (left). As much of our business is conducted virtually, it did not make sense to hand the new president a "ceremonial gavel." Instead, a customized acrylic award was designed to represent our 21st century environment. This design presents the STTI logo, the Phi Pi chartering name, the date of our charter, and the inscription "President." Edged in Chamberlain blue, it has become the "gavel" to be passed from one president to the next.

Dr. Ellen Poole presents Charter to Dr. Jan DeMasters, President St. Louis Campus

During the Fall 2013 St. Louis induction ceremony, October 15, 2013, Dr. Ellen Poole presented the original 2011 Phi Pi Chapter Charter to Dr. Jan DeMasters, President of the St. Louis Campus, for permanent display at that campus. As the St. Louis Campus is where both the school and the chapter started, it is fitting that the charter be housed there.




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Chapter News

Updated Phi Pi Chapter Officers

Updated Phi Pi Chapter Officers (Sept 8, 2014)

Successful Event with Dr. Cynthia Clark in Columbus Presenting on Civility.

Pictures from the Phi Pi Civility event in Columbus. Click link below.

Phi Pi Columbus Teams Up with Homefull

Dear Esteemed Phi Pi Members,

Phi Pi President Taryn Hill, teamed up with the Chamberlain College of Nursing Student Nurses Association for collection of items to support clients of Homefull. Homefull is a non-profit organization that helps homeless people find homes and jobs. The kits that were collected and provided to Homefull include important household items such as cleaning supplies, mops and brooms, hygiene supplies, and bedding. The picture you see here is of boxes turned into collection devices that were made to look like homes. Please join me in thanking the CCN-NSNA for their hard work in completing this much needed project.

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President
Sigma Theta Tau International
Taryn Hill, PhD, RN

Nurses’ Day at the Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio Campus

Twenty five Collaborative Health students along with Phi Pi Chapter President, Dr. Taryn Hill, faculty members and Lab Specialists attended an interactive learning and dialogue session with Ohio legislators to discuss issues that are important to nursing in Ohio. Campus President, Dr. Judy Kimchi-Woods delivered a speech about the seamless educational progression that Chamberlain offers and announced Shine On: Nurses in Art exhibition initiative with the Columbus Museum of Art slated for 2015. Presentation topics included, mandatory nurse to patient rations, higher education in nursing, allowing Advance Practice Nurses to practice to the level of education and training, increasing penalty for violence against health care workers, and Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement for advanced practice nurses. This day allowed students and faculty the opportunity to learn about important advancements in legislation that impacts nursing practice. I encourage all of you to be aware of legislation in your state that affects the profession of nursing.

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President
Sigma Theta Tau International

Research Assistance Request

I am contacting you because I am a member of the Pi Epsilon chapter of Sigma Theta Tau and am a nurse educator completing a doctoral program. I am presently recruiting participants for a qualitative study describing the transition into practice experience of new nurses with learning disabilities. I am hoping you might be able to post something to your chapter’s website so that I can connect with this group of new nurses who are often hidden among us. I have Regis College IRB approval and the study is confidential.
The interview should take about 45 minutes and there is no cost to you other than your time. As a gesture of appreciation you will receive a $10 coffee gift card for your participation.
All information is confidential.
If interested please email me at
or visit the Nurses with Learning Disabilities Facebook page.
Thank you for your time.

Michelle Colleran Cook, MS, RN
Assistant Professor
Regis College
Weston, Massachusetts 02493

Phi Pi Addison Campus Presentation "Simpler than BP"

Alex Johnson, CNS from Cadence Health, spoke to several Sigma Theta Tau student and faculty members at the Addison campus on January 15, 2014. The topic was ‘Simpler that BP’, a discussion and case study reviewing fluid balance in critically ill patients. Click on link below.

Columbus Campus Homefull

The Phi Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International has teamed up with the Columbus Campus CCN-SNA to collect items for Homefull, a non-profit organization that helps serve the Dayton, OH area Homeless population. See details in link below.

Phi Pi Chamberlain Student Sarah Turner Helps Kenyan Man

The generosity and ingenuity of one Phi Pi’s Chamberlain students changed the life of a man half a world away.

Sarah Turner, a student at the Phoenix campus, was participating in the International Nursing Service Project to Kenya in May. She met a man who had been hit by a truck. Unable to pay for medical treatment, he had been living with a broken femur for a full year. The procedure to correct the fracture cost $500 – far more than his family could afford.

Turner decided to launch a crowd sourcing initiative to raise the money from her Facebook friends. Within a few short days, the kindness of strangers had translated into enough money to repair the man’s broken femur and get him on a path to recovery.

For more about Sarah’s mission, click the link below and view “Giving Back Beyond Our Borders.”

December 2013 Phi Pi Business Meeting

Click below to view the PowerPoint for the December 2013 Phi Pi Business Meeting

Deborah Eti: 2013 Top 20 Texas Nurses

Congratulations to Phi Pi's Deborah Eti, MSN, RN, assistant professor at the Houston campus, who was named one of the 2013 Top 20 Nurses by the Texas Nurses Association District 9. She was honored at the annual Nursing Celebration dinner on November 7th.

Phi Pi CCN Faculty Present at 2013 DeVry Healthcare Conference in St. Maarten

Please join me in congratulating Daniel Ampomah (Phi Pi campus counselor), Carolyn Sipes, and Julie Cassells (Phi Pi campus counselor) for the presentation of their work at the 2013 DeVry Healthcare Conference in St. Maarten, a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Congratulations!(See link below for Picture)

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President
Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Phi Pi Chapter Officers & Counselors

Updated 11.25.2013

Jacksonville Fall 2013 Induction Photos

Rachel Choudhury Elected to Leadership Succession Committee

Greetings Honored Phi Pi Members

On November 19, 2013, Rachel Choudhury, Phi Pi chapter member, from Chamberlain College of Nursing was elected to the Leadership Succession Committee of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) for a four year term. Rachel has held various leadership roles that will enable her to support the mission and vision of STTI, in a manner that will benefit all members. She has been a member of STTI for 12 years.

Rachel’s leadership positions include, but are not limited to, 2010 Mentor of the Year award for the Columbus, Ohio Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS); 2012 National League for Nursing (NLN) LEAD participant; and the 2010-2012 Chapter President Rho Omicron, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, STTI. Beyond her leadership roles, she is a dedicated and committed member of STTI. She holds membership in Phi Pi, where she has been of great support in planning and volunteering for events within the Columbus Consortium.

In her new role, Rachel will be working with a committee to ensure the highest qualified members are represented on the STTI board of directors. Please join me in congratulating, Rachel Choudhury.

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI)
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Houston Fall 2013 Induction Photos

Rising Stars of scholarship and research:Kerry Asbel, MSN, RN

Kerry Asbel, MSN, RN submitted a poster presentation for the 42nd Biennial Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana. Her poster, entitled Methods for Teaching Across the Gender Gap, was viewed by over 2,000 nurses in attendance. She is one of our Chamberlain Rising Stars of scholarship and research. We are very proud of her!

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Chamberlain College of Nursing

Shining Rising Star! Myria Taylor, MSN, RN, RAC-CT

Honored Phi Pi Members,

Please join me in congratulating Myria Taylor, MSN, RN, RAC-CT for her poster presentation at Sigma Theta Tau’s 42 Biennial Convention. Myria’s presentation, Making Clickers Click in the Classroom, was well received by more than 2,000 nurses in attendance. She is truly a Shining Rising Star!

Taryn Hill, PhD, RN
Phi Pi Chapter President, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chapter Events

  1. The Future of Nursing: How Far Have We Come?

    Oct 4, 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM (CT)
    Chicago, IL, United States
  2. Shine On: Nurses in Art

    Mar 20 - Jun 21